Windshield Protection: Do you need it?

When we think of getting any kind of new protection installed in our car, windshield protection doesn’t even bother crossing our minds. However, windshields play a huge part in protecting us on the road and their strength is extremely underrated. 

Windshields play a vital part in your car’s structure. They also enhance it’s durability. 

Long ago, windshields were just a thin piece of glass to separate the driver from the outside. Over time the glass has been reinforced and thickened keeping in mind the safety of the user.

But, is Windshield Protection really worth it?

Well to answer that question, we must know the importance of windshield protection.


For the front side of collisions, windshields play an important role. They protect objects from flying straight onto you. As well as withstanding the impact of an airbag when an accident occurs. 

When a car overturns, the windshield prevents the roof from collapsing and prevents the car from crushing you.

Additionally, it even prevents you from stone chips pitting, bull’s eyes, and odd indentations on your car windscreen when you have protection on it.


Even though the windshield structure has evolved over the years, it’s far from being completely indestructible. That’s why windshield protection is a necessity. Even if your windshield manages to be safe with just a cracked screen, you can’t hope for that to last too long.

A cracked windshield can obstruct your view enough to cause another accident. So why take risks? Get it protected. It might seem like it’ll take away a lot of money but it’s a wise investment for the long run.

It’s also a clear win over replacing a windshield, especially for ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) which cost a fortune.


Windshield protection has many benefits, along with protecting your windscreen and making it look new and shiny, it also reinforces the glass and protects you in turn.

Few things it offers include:

  • Clear and does not obstruct the driver’s view.
  • Protects against accidental breakage of glass.
  • Acts as a sunscreen and protects against harmful UV rays.
  • Prevents water staining.
  • Increases impact absorption.
  • Less expensive than a windshield replacement.



One of the most powerful windshield protections, and has a total of three US patents. It’s optically clear and provides better road visibility during harsh weather conditions like rain or snow. 

Aside from this, it increases the impact absorption of your car and protects your glass from harmful UV rays. It also protects from the daily deal of flying debris, pitting, and bull’s eyes.

Overall, clear plex stands first among all the protection films when considering the quality of protection.


Wen it comes to permanence, the best option in the store is definitely ceramic coating. Just like its permanence over protecting your car’s paint job, it protects your windscreen as well.

Ceramic coating is a polymer that binds itself with windscreen, basically, its liquid protection.

It creates a semi-permanent protective layer that is clear and doesn’t hinder visibility. 

Like any other ceramic coating, this one is hydrophobic and prevents water or liquid stains from sticking you to your glass as well.

Coming to it, windshield protection protects us without us ever knowing about it. But clearly, it isn’t invincible, so it needs the protection of its own as well.