Pros And Cons Of
Paint Protection Film

A small scratch on your new car can make you scratch your hair, won’t it? So, your car needs to be protected so that it looks new all the time. Well, it is not easy to protect your car as you are not nearby your car all the time and with the traffic and everything, it is quite next to impossible to protect your car from scratches.

Choosing Paint Protection Film is the best when you want to avoid scratches on your car and keep it new forever.

PPF is a high-quality thermoplastic urethane film and is installed on car’s top paint. Paint Protection Film has self-healing properties and comes in both ways, transparent and colored. Now, you’re wondering will your car heal itself after PPF installation. The PPF layer consists of an elastomeric polymeric substance that lets the layer maintain its shape once stretched, and that’s how it can heal minor scratches.

Is PPF a premium product?

Yes, it is a premium product and not applicable to every car. Paint Protection Film should only be installed by certified professionals only. Also in some cases, PPF is not recommended.

Can PPF be removed after it is installed?

Yes, it can be easily removed but once you’ll remove the PPF it can’t be reinstalled in the same vehicle or the other and that’s why PPF is recommended to those who either lease their vehicle or are willing to keep it for a long time as a one-time investment can save a lot in long term. 

Can PPF be applied to headlights?

Yes, one can install Ceramic Pro Kavaca Instant Healing Paint Protection Film on High-exposed areas like headlights, fog lights, side view mirrors, etc. The best part about installing it is that it not only prevents those areas from tree branches and rock chips but also protects them from birds droppings, tree sap, and other natural impurities.

Various Types Of Paint Protection Films are: 

1) Clear Mask

2) Clear Bra

3) Invisible Shield

4) Rock Chip Protection

5) Clear Wrap

6) Car Scratch Protection Film

Pros of Paint Protection Film

1) One-time investment-  A PPF can last up to 10 years if it is of good quality. A fine PPF lamination can make the car feel blessed as it can protect your car from rock chips and small scratches and can give your car a new look for a long time. 

2) Extends life of the car: PPF is completely safe to apply to your new car. Most paint protection film customers opt to use this type of protective coating on the clear coat of vehicle’s paint vs a ceramic coating, traditional carnauba wax, or paint sealants due to its safe application. Paint Protection Film could be a little costlier but if you see it as a long-term thing, then it’s worth it.

3) High-temperature resistance- The PPF helps to provide a heat resistance that avoids UV and IR radiation from penetrating the vehicle’s surface materials. This special key prevents headlights from fog and fade, which clears the road-visibility

4) Customisable: A Paint Protection Film is fully customizable. It will only cover the areas which you want the PPF to cover. It can easily target particular areas of the vehicle with either die-cut chipping or wrap whole body panels.

5) Easier to apply as compared to others. Paint Protection Film is quite easy to install as compared to its other alternatives but still, it needs highly professional experts.

Cons Of PPF

1) Costlier: Installing Paint Protection Film might sound like a one-time investment, but still it costs a lot. If you are not planning to keep the vehicle for a long time then it is a total waste of money. 

2) Poor Installation- Installing Paint Protection Film could be the last thing in your mind when you want to invest in your car. Make sure to get it done by highly professional experts as poor installation could lead to being damaged to both, your car and your pocket.

3) Temporary film- Paint Protection Film is a thin film on the top layer of the car. Without any doubt, PPF is durable enough to withstand the elements but it does not last forever. the life span differs but no one lasts forever.

4) Removal before resale- You may think that installing PPF on the car would increase your car’s value, but it does the opposite of that. This may give your car a new look but PPF will not increase the price of the car.

5) Car wash norms: After Paint Protection Film is installed it needs good maintenance, like water and mild soap could be enough to clear the PPF.

Despite all the disadvantages, Installing Paint Protection Film by highly professional experts could be worth it only if you want to lease your car or you want to keep it to yourself for a long period.