Windshields or just auto glass, in general, are a huge part of the safety of our car. Often it’s undervalued over other things like airbags and such. Most people just assume an auto glass is just a barrier from the inside to the outside. But they’re so much more than that.

Windshields are not just pieces of thick glass, they build the structure of the car and act as pillars for a stronghold. They protect you from flying debris and even during accidents. A lot of race car organizers pay immense attention to the quality of the windscreens used in cars in order to avoid fatal accidents.

Having a damaged windshield can prove to be a hazard. If you have a cracked or broken windscreen, or the windscreen is starting to hinder visibility, it might be time to replace that piece of glass.

Here are some signs that your auto glass needs to be replaced:


The most obvious sign of needing replacement is having obvious cracks on your glass. These are usually caused due to accidents. But not replacing them and continuing use with them can be disastrous. 

In the worst case, cause another one which could be fatal. More often than not, external factors can cause the cracked glass to suddenly break with a tremendous impact which could even end up impaling you. So contact a professional immediately and get your glass replaced.


A plastic layer of thin PVB or polyvinyl butyral is used to cover auto glass. It prevents the glass from shattering and breaking apart. Most times after an accident, your glass doesn’t shatter, however, the white haze on the side is an indication of the PVB shattering which can make the glass vulnerable to breaking.


Unlike cracks and white hazing, glass pitting occurs naturally over a period of time. Flying debris or air particles embed in the glass and cause indentations in the glass. These indentations can often affect visibility and shouldn’t be ignored. When light falls on glass, the pitting causes the light to scatter and in turn blinding you. Don’t ignore these little pits because they can cause you big troubles.


Sometimes, careless technicians install auto glass carelessly, leading to them not bonding properly and fitting correctly. This can make rattling noises when you’re driving and it can just pop off the mould without warning.

Not using primer or gloves can damage the glass as well as the car. Check around the sides of the glass to make sure it’s straight and doesn’t have any bumps on it.


Contrary to popular belief, the weather does affect your windshield and auto glass. Especially during winter. The glass shrinks and becomes loose to the mould. And a heavy layer of snow on the windshield can even cause it to collapse and cause the car structure to sag. 

Continuous temperature fluctuations can even cause your glass’s bonding to weaken, causing leaks and fissures, or worst-case scenario, to shatter with an outburst.

The amount of repair often depends on the degree of damage caused. If it’s just a couple of cracks the glass is still intact, then it’s just the glass that’s going to be replaced, but, if the entirety of it is shattered beyond repair, the housing and the glass as well is replaced.

Be careful and don’t ignore the signs, a proper replacement can go a long way.