THINGS TO CONSIDER Every car needs a regular wash through service that goes beyond simple a simple car wash and includes interior and exterior vacuuming, polishing, perfuming, claying etc. to make it as good as new again.

Though the frequency of detailing your car depends on your cars features and condition, but experts suggest that one should take their for a detailing service every 3-4 months which makes it at least 3-4 times in a year. 


A deep cleaning detailing service does more than simply making your car look brand new again. It is beneficial for many reasons: –

  • Extends your car’s lifespan
  • Improve the look of your car
  • Maintain the paint conditions
  • Engine runs cooler
  • Extends resale value
  • Provides a comfortable drive experience

If you keep holding off your car dealing appointment then the junk build up in your vehicle may end up costing you more than what you initial thought of paying. But how do you know when and where to take your car for a detailing? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of everything you should keep in mind before choosing a car dealing service.

Check The Customer Reviews- This is quite an obvious prerequisite. If you’re going to be leaving your car in the hands of someone else, then you need to make sure that they are professional at their job and will treat your vehicle with care. 

Look for services that have positive customer reviews which talk about the actual experience they had. Choose quality over quantity. Your car is important, so you have to make sure the services are from professionals, customer oriented and experienced. 

Required Services and Features- If you’re not looking for a full fledged detailing as of yet, then first check what all features and servicing your car requires and look for a car detailing service that offers those features. Then shortlist them based on their service quality, reviews and price. 

Always look for services that can provide you with all your requirements at a reasonable budget and have a reputed experience in the industry.

Check Their Website- Irrespective of what kind of service you’re looking for, the more information that you can gather, the more informed you will be.

Always check the websites of the services of the one’s that you have shortlisted and see if they look professionally done and most importantly, they should provide you with the information that you need.

Go through the types of services they provide and see what best suits your needs.

Are They Certified and Licensed Professionals?- Car detailing is quite a time consuming process that need a lot of work put into it. Since it employs various types of services and processes to get your car detailed, you need to make sure that one’s doing it for you are authentic service providers that have been licensed to perform the tasks and have been certified by a trusted firm so that they can procure the necessary parts.

If you’re truly looking to protect your car, don’t overlook checking the service provider’s certifications and licenses. 

Are They Willing to Teach?- Let’s say you bring your car in for detailing to a professional detailer. You’re not worried about the costs or process, you just want your car to appear brand new again. But, if you’re already willing to spend money on investing into a professional grade deep cleaned detailing process, then it would be better for you to at least learn about how it gets done. 

What goes into ceramic coating?

What does a full interior or exterior detail entail? Etc. 

This is not just a question-answer session to gain some personal knowledge, but you can also check your detailer’s expertise and authenticity through this.

Experts and professional service providers don’t have anything to hide. If you ask them questions they should be able to provide you with professional and knowledgeable answers that live up to their service reputation.

Communication- Make sure that the car service provider that you’re opting for has an active and working communication channel from where clients and customers can have their queries answered and reach out for other facilities and issues. 

The service providers should also dedicate themselves to customer service and display good communication skills when talking to clients and customers and be answerable to them. Make it a point to find out from other experienced customers about the customer service and consumer satisfaction before deciding.

Location- Lastly, your car service provider should be at an ideal physical location. It saves you the time and money you would otherwise have to pay on travel expenses if you go to a distant location. You can also fix up a schedule and go back to them for your next cleaning and detailing servicing. 


A proper car detailing and other services are important to ensure that your car runs smoothly and without the risk of any damage, staining or corrosion. Our team of experts at Ultrakool can provide you with the ultimate car servicing and consumer satisfaction. Our services include sun protection films, PPFs, ceramic coatings, detailing and many more. Come get your car clean and protected with us.