E-Warranty Registration


  • Warranty claim will be issued post verification. 
  • If you haven’t received your eWarranty from one of our verified Installers, feel free to Contact Us.

Evidence: Pictures/Additional Proof

A. Upload a picture of the problem area. If the issue is visible on the roll, take a picture of the roll.

B. Attach the photo or video of the defective area, which includes the whole area of the defective film.

For example: If there is a foreign substance, such as a dot on the film, and it has been installed on a hood, take a photo of:

1. Zoom-in photo of the foreign substance

2. Zoom-out photo of the hood.

C. If the film is already installed, make sure to take pictures before removing the film. Take a close-range shot off the issue, as well as a zoomed-out shot that shows the entire area.

D. Take clear shots of the roll with the lot number visible.

E. In the case of tunneling, take a picture of the side, with both the lot number and the affected area visible. (If the product has already been used and the issue does not appear to be a manufacturing error, the claim may be rejected.)

F. If photographs are insufficient for the explanation, upload a video of both the affected area and the entire area.

G. Take an image of the LOT number of the roll that is located in the core of the roll or on the box.

PPF: (A#AA#-A###) or (P0AA#A#A#00)
WF: (SA00A00A000) or (W0AA###A#00)
WS: (SL00A00A000) or (S0AA#A#A000)