Ceramic coating

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Ceramic coating is a high-end polymer in liquid form that bonds with your car’s paint to form a permanent protective coating over it. It comes as permanent or semi-permanent coatings. Upon curing, it becomes a durable and permanent solution for your car’s surface. It has the ability to prevent scratches and stop liquids from staining onto your car’s surface to protect it from wear and tear.


UltraKool knows that for you, your car isn’t just ‘a car’, but an extension of yourself, that’s we make sure that it arrives at your doorstep in optimum condition. You can trust us to take complete care of your car.


Our skilled experts are ready to cure your car with ceramic coating which is guaranteed to protect your car from external hazards and increase durability for the duration of its lifetime.


Why Ceramic coating


With ceramic coating, not only will you protect your car from unwanted pollutants and damages, but also give your car a shiny and lustrous look, as if the paint was just done. While enhancing your car’s look you’re also giving it permanent protection.


Ceramic coating is said to be superhydrophobic, meaning that it repels water. Water droplets will not stick onto your cars’ surface and cause stains, rather they slide right off. With one single swipe, your car is as good as new.


Along with being waterproof, ceramic coating can also prevent damage from chemicals splashing onto your car paint. It prevents acid from settling and corroding your car surface as well as preventing harmful sun rays from causing the paint to fade.


Ceramic coating is a lifetime investment that has a warranty of a lifetime. It not only protects, but improves resilience, and amplifies the look of your car. Its liquid resistance and scratch resistance prevent swirls, scratches, abrasions and staining. Our lineup of experts has guaranteed the outstanding performance of the ceramic coating. The guarantee is that it will not only protect but make your life easier.