Your car’s paint job doesn’t shine for too long before fading out, scratching, rusting, or anything else for the matter. Although a new coat of paint makes you look brand new, it does little before fading out and repeating the whole cycle again. Not to mention that it’s quite on the hefty scale. 

Then again, what better alternative?

Vinyl wrapping of course! What better than a simple wrap that costs less or as much as paint but lasts longer and provides much more benefits? 

Vinyl wrap protects your car’s paint as well as adds to the aesthetic of the car. It’s comparatively cheaper than going over twenty rounds of paint and even makes cleaning your car easier.

Let’s go over a few benefits of vinyl wrapping:


With vinyl wrapping, you need not worry about your car paint rusting away. In fact, vinyl wrap protects your paint from the sun, watermarks, and the daily wear of the car surface with time. It acts as a clear barrier between the outside and your paint and helps it last longer.

And if you are planning to resell your car, it increases its value in the market. When you don’t need to repaint your car, the selling price is raised. 


We completely relate to you. You don’t want to spend a hundred grand just getting a brand new coat of paint every other week. But protection films are just as expensive. So how is vinyl wrap any different?

Vinyl wrap is affordable and costs half of a paint job, or around the same price, depending on your customization. However it lasts for around 5 years on average, and if extremely well taken care of, it can last for an extra two years.


With vinyl wrapping, there are several designs to choose from. And that’s where it beats out everyone. With more customization options, you can make yourself look the way you’ve always wanted. 

You can get a number of feel-good textures to choose from. Some even imitate leather and velvet! Some even offer color-changing properties that are affected by light. And few brands even allow you to digitally design your desired wrap.


Say, maybe you don’t like the design of the wrap anymore, or maybe it’s time to change it up. Don’t worry, because vinyl wrap is completely removable. If it’s installed properly, removal will take no more than 2-4 hours, and the price won’t damage your pocket. 

However, if incorrectly done, unwrapping can make a mess as well as make your paint sticky and take longer to remove, doubling your costs.


With vinyl, wrapping comes easy washing and maintenance. Vinyl wrapping prevents water and other liquids from sticking and staining your car. As well as being durable, wraps decrease the amount of effort needed to wash. With the right equipment, you can keep your car looking classy. 

However, one should avoid getting it clean in a carwash. Car Washing can damage wrap causing it to bubble or peel off before warranty time. It’s better to wash it yourself carefully so it lasts as long as it should.

Vinyl wrapping has a number of benefits to offer, with a good price and warranty. If you think vinyl wrapping is what your beast needs, check out our services!