Ways To Clean
A Steering Wheel

Steering wheel is a component of the car and it can be considered one of the most important parts of the car as this steering wheel guides the front tires of the cars. When the steering wheel goes left the front tires go left and when the steering wheel goes right the tires go right. Steering wheel is a part of the car that is held all the time while driving the car.

The steering wheel has a rubber cover all around so that the driver can easily make a grip on the steering wheel and drive the car. As the steering wheel is held every time while driving the car, the oil of the hand along with the sweat gets deposited on the steering wheel. This way the steering wheel gets dusty and dirty over time. So, a person should clean the steering wheel of the car regularly so that there is no inconvenience.

If the steering wheel is not paid attention to and is not being cleaned then it may become moldy by the excess accumulation of the sweat and oil. It will then lead to various types of problems.

How To Clean The Steering Wheel

As the steering wheel has a cover around it which is made up of either rubber or leather. Mostly it is made up of leather which is why it is cleaned by leather cleaners. Because leather cleaners do not leave any residue on the steering wheel and also do not damage the leather of the steering wheel. 

If a person uses another strong alkaline solution for cleaning the steering wheel, they may clean it very well and leave no spots but they are sometimes too hard for the cars which is why they should not be used. Only good quality leather cleaners should be used. Leather cleaners can also be sprayed directly on the surface of the car as they won’t leave any spots. 

Along with the leather cleaners, some companies also have launched conditioners that can be used after the leather cleaner. These conditioners provide good health to the steering wheel and should be used to clean the steering wheel properly. 

There are some steps for cleaning the steering wheel and these ways are as follows:

The First Cleaning 

While cleaning the steering wheel, a person should work in layers because the steering wheel will not get cleaned in one go. So, to begin with, take a small soft bristle brush and spray the leather cleaner on it and then run it on the steering wheel so that the lather forms up. 

Remember to have a wet piece of cloth so that the steering wheel can be wiped leaving no dust and residue on the steering wheel. A person should continue doing this until the dirt is removed, keeping in mind not to rub the brush on the steering wheel too vigorously. 

Make sure that the brush is small so that it reaches every area of the steering wheel. The steering wheel should be wiped thoroughly with a wet piece of cloth so that all the jammed grease comes off of the steering wheel. 

Wipe The Steering Wheel Dry

After the above process, one should take a dry clean piece of cloth and wipe the steering wheel so that it dries. By this, if any spod is missed, it will show itself and can be cleaned again. 

This step is also important because the steering wheel should be dry before applying the conditioner to it. A person should make sure the dry cloth is clean so that it further cleans the steering wheel and does not add more dust to it. That way a person will have to do double work on the cleaning of the steering wheel. 

Condition It

Along with the leather cleaners, also come the conditioners. A person should buy the conditioners along with the leather wash because conditioners give a good finish to the steering wheel. After the steering wheel is dry, take some conditioner on a round soft bristle brush and rub it gently on the steering wheel to give it a sober and classy look.

A person should keep in mind that the conditioner has to be applied only on the center of the steering wheel and never on the wheel itself. 


After the steering wheel is all cleaned and good to go then if a person wants, he or she can also polish their steering wheel to give it a new finish. The polish of the leather part can be applied with the help of a cloth. Some amount of polish can be taken on the cloth and then rubbed on the leather part of the steering wheel so that the leather of the steering wheel comes to life again. 

Only a generous amount of polish should be used as the excess polish will land in the damage of the leather. 

So these above were some ways that can be followed while cleaning the steering wheel of a car. And the last step of polishing is optional, some people polish the steering wheel so that it looks good but some people do not perform it because they don’t want their steering wheel polished. 


As it is now clear that the steering wheel should be cleaned at several intervals because if not then it will get moldy and the leather will get destroyed because of it. As the steering wheel is a very essential part of a car and is used mostly while driving the car, it should be taken care of.

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