We all suffer from dry and cracked skin during winters as we struggle to look for ways to counter the cold harsh winds and protect our skin. Our cars are not any different, they too can suffer considerable damage to their body and systems from the harsh winter elements the more they are exposed to them.

There isn’t any particular remedy to shield your car from the cold winter environment because you still need to take it out on drives to your office, home and other locations. But there are definitely ways and preventive measures with which you can protect your car from suffering. We have compiled a list of the same for you.

Wash Your Car Regularly- This may seem like a waste of time and money, but keeping your car clean is even more important during this time of the year.

Salt corrosion- while road salt is a great tool for keeping winter roads in driving condition and for a firmer grip, its corrosive qualities can do quite a lot of damage to your car’s body, brake and exhaust lines and more. Don’t take salt lightly and clean it while you can.

Tire maintenance- tires take a beating all year round, but it is during winters that you need to be especially careful. Clean your tires regularly to prevent from wear and tear.

Improved road visibility- Dust, snow and condensation can greatly reduced road visibility and hamper your headlights as well. Keep your windows, windshields and headlights clean for a smooth drive.

Don’t forget the interior- keeping the interior of your car clean is also important to avoid any outside dust and salt getting on your clothes and car seats. Using rubber floors is ideal during this time of the year as they are easier to clean.

Drive Safely- Winter roads can be slippery and dangerous. With an increased braking distance, you wouldn’t want to slide your car into a wall or another car for that matter. Also, drive within the speed limit. This should be kept in mind all year round but speeding during winters is especially dangerous.

Install Winter Tires- Though they might dent your wallet a little. But, installing winter tires is a good investment. They provide for exceptionally steering and braking facilities for your comfort. Also, when the light is green you can simply start up your car and go instead of having to wait for it to warm up.

Avoid Large Puddles- You never know when a puddle could just be collecting dirt or it could have some harmful external objects as well. A puddle doesn’t give any specific dimensions about how deep it is either. So unless you want to fall into a pothole, it’s always a better option to be on the safe side and avoid the puddles altogether. Or you could always end up with-

  • Punctured tires
  • Engine damage
  • Steering wheel knocked out of position
  • Bent rims 
  • Broken headlights
  • Suspension damage
  • Exhaust system damage, etc.

Worst case scenario, you could even end up hurting the passengers in the car.

Avoid Driving in Snow, Rain or Hailstorms- Trying to stubbornly drive through the natural elements will not only leave your car stranded but the elements can even get into your car causing rust or corrosion. Harsh weathers can also damage your exhaust systems and engines. Depending on your car, engine and exhaust system repairs can be quite costly for repairs. Also, if you ever notice your car shaking then that means some snow or ice has packed and clogged your engine. Get your car checked immediately when you notice it shaking.

Avoid Parking in the Streets- It’s in your best interest only to avoid parking in the street, especially during winters or a rainstorm. Otherwise, your car is exposed and susceptible to natural damage. Keeping your car parked out in the open also increases the chances of your car being damaged by another car or theft. It is always better to park your car in some safe place that is not directly exposed to nature either.

Touch-Up Your Car With Paint- Applying touch up paint on a scratch or chip can be challenging due to the cold weather. But the longer you leave your car’s metal exposed the more it will rust. Applying even a thin layer of paint can help your car fight corrosion. If your car has suffered some scratches and dents already and you don’t think that a simple painting will get the job done then you should take your car for a detailing service or for application of ceramic coating.


Your car is not a simple device that you bought for cheap. As such, you should be responsible for its maintenance after its purchase as well. Keep your car well cleaned and serviced regularly so that it lasts you for a long time. And we at Ultrakool are at your service to assist you in maintaining your car for the same. Winters can be challenging weather for all of us and our cars need some special attention for it too. Protect your car from the harsh cold winds and damages from the natural elements with the help of our experts. Reach out to us or call us today to avail our services.