Vinyl wrapping can be a much cheaper alternative than any other full car paint or coating that you get done, but it still comes with quite the cost budget. And for such an expensive investment, it makes that you would want to protect it from wear and tear so that it lasts you longer.

Vinyl is definitely much more durable than car paint and does a great job of protecting your car paint as well. But, that does not mean that it is completely resistant to any damage. The material itself is not very hydrophobic and even a simple automated car wash can lead to scratching and in some cases, tearing.

The harsh truth is that- vinyl wrapping comes with its own benefits and risks. And to counter those risks of any potential damage to your car, proper maintenance is needed.


Always Follow The Manufacturers Recommendations

Every aftercare comes with recommendations from the manufacturers on how to care for and maintain your car. And if they don’t tell you, then it is your responsibility to ask them about it.

While there are various types, finishes, colour and quality of vinyl wraps; they all are more or less comprised of the same base ingredients. As a result, the maintenance recommendations are fairly simple for each one:-

Always wash your car yourself.

Never use automated car wash services or keep their usage to a minimum.

Do not use strong chemical cleaners and disinfectants.

Do not leave your car exposed to elements such as (sun, rain, snow etc) for too long.

Always use the recommended after care products and maintenance techniques offered by the manufacturers.

Keep in mind that though the basic maintenance and care procedures remain the same for all, proper advice ultimately depends on the exact type of paint wrap material installed in your car.  

Be Mindful Of Where You Park

Keeping your vehicle exposed to the natural elements for an extended period of time, or just leaving it out in the open is not a great idea whether you have a paint wrap installed or not.

Extra care should be taken in the case of automotive vinyls as they are not hydrophobic by nature. Also, if you have a race car or a vehicle that burns rubber frequently, it can by quite a pain to remove burnt rubber from your vinyl wrap. Therefore, it is important to be careful of where and when you park you car.

Avoid parking under trees- Trees have sap, pollen and other sticky discharge that could fall and stick on your wrappings along with the falling twigs and branches. Trees are also the hub of birds who definitely won’t go easy on your vehicle.

Try to park in a garage or a shelter- Keeping your car parked within a parking structure or in a garage can really protect it from any UV rays, rain or other elements and increase your vinyl’s lifespan.

Wash Your Car Frequently

Similar to any other protective coating or material that is installed, routine maintenance is important for proper care. For vinyl wraps, most manufacturers recommend hand-washing your car every two weeks. 

If you have a high-pressure washers available, then you are most welcome to use those. But make sure that you use it at the lowest settings only or with just the right amount of pressure so that it does not end up damaging or tearing your vinyl wrap.

In recent times, waterless washing techniques and products are also becoming increasingly popular for vinyl care. And you can use them as well if you have access to them.

Beware Of Chemicals

As we’ve already mentioned before that most vinyls aren’t hydrophobic by nature and it is extremely important to use the right cleaners and treatment when washing or caring for your wraps. Never use the following chemicals or cleaners that have the following as an ingredient in it to clean your wraps.

  • Solvents
  • Kitchen and Bathroom cleaners
  • Oil-based cleaners
  • Citrus-based cleaners
  • Orange oil
  • Engine degreaser
  • High pH washes

Always look for a pH neutral, wax free and suds producing car shampoo. If you can find a vinyl and PPF (Paint Protection Film) soap then even better, it’s the perfect match to wash your non-protected or protected vinyl wrappings.


Most of the car wraps are going to cost you a pretty penny for it. If you’re going to make an expensive investment anyways, then invest in a high grade ceramic coating or vinyl protection for your beast. The choice is always up to you whether you decide on a budget inclusive vinyl wrapping or a one time investment in ceramic coating. Our professionals at Ultrakool will be glad to assist you with any of your choice as we work to provide the highest quality service both for you and for your car. Leave your car in our hands and it will work and look like never before.