The harsh sun rays beating down on us not only affect us but have quite the unwanted implications on our motor machines. Often times, we are welcomed with a blast of hot humid air when the car has been parked out in the sun for too long and of course there is the problem of seeing the road clearly when your eyesight has been greatly limited by the sun’s glare. To ensure a smooth safe drive and a comfortable experience, we at Ultra kool bring you our very own Sun Control Films, specifically designed to protect you and your car.

What is a Sun Control Film?
A Sun Control Film (SCF) is a plastic film that can be applied to the windows to reduce heat transmission from the outside along with glare reduction and also privacy assurance. It has become a common necessity in the hot and humid environment and can be seen in houses, cars, buildings and other areas.

There are indeed things to be considered before making such a purchase.

    Without being aware of your own needs, one may end up choosing a film that is not compatible with your vehicle and/or doesn’t meet all the requirements you wished it did. First, be aware of the different film series which are differentiated on the basis of UV protection, heat reduction and glare reduction. Then, learn about the requirements of your own car and what all requirements you wish to be met before making your decision.
    Also make sure to choose the right shade for your car. Shade is basically the colour of the Sun control film which you’ll be placing on your car. Think beyond the aesthetic value and look for a shade that accommodates to the wanted visibility and personal style.
    Since window films are exposed to UV radiation, they are prone to fading soon and in the case of an excess of heating, they could even break, rendering them useless. Apart from this, since the films absorb most of the ultraviolet light, it blocks a great deal of natural lighting which could be undesirable for some.
    A more obvious downside would be that though the shades help improve road visibility in the day-time, the same cannot be said for night. The shades can diminish one’s visibility at night, especially if the film shade is darker.
    Prior to your purchase, do check up with your local laws about whether you can act upon your wish or not. Since, each area has its own rules and regulations when it comes to filmed and tinted windows.

Now that we’ve gone through the cons and possible hinderances, let’s move on to the benefits of having a sun control film.

    As mentioned before, the films come with UV protection and will absorb most of the ultraviolet lighting and radiation protecting our skin from any harmful damaging that could occur, keeping the space cool and dim for comfort and a relaxed drive despite the harsh sun beating down outside. In a tropical country, this method of heat protection and cooling is the ideal solution apart from blasting your air conditioning throughout your car rides.
    Reduced or unclear visibility on the roads can spell more accidents than a mere rough ride. Moreover, compromising one’s eyesight from the constant glare of the sun is not a wise thing to do. Our sun control films redirect the light from entering and diminishing one’s eyesight, giving them a clear view of the road ahead without any disruptions. Protect your eyesight from any possible glare and lighting damage and enjoy a smooth drive with proper visibility.
    No unwanted peeks. No eager intruders. No uncomfortable stares. Keep your family and private matters away from prying eyes. The privacy of you and your family is guaranteed. The sun control film provides for complete visibility from the inside while you remain unseen from the outside. 
    The reduced interference of radiation and lighting will benefit a great deal not only to you but your upholsters and interior furnishings as well. Film protected vehicles will experience less cracking and fading and will definitely last you through the years to come. It is not such a bad deal to save up on those furnishing and maintenance costs.
    Window films have quite the safety benefits installed as well. They are designed to keep the glass from shattering if an object hits. Hence, in an event of a car accident, it protects the passengers from the possibility of shattered and flying glass shards and/or being ejected through the window. Thus, you can at least increase your chances of safety and protection from an intruder or any robbery via an attempted glass breakthrough and of course, any possible car accidents.
    Though it may not be a huge amount to some, but since, air conditioners run on car fuel they do stunt the vehicle’s gas mileage to a certain level. By blocking the sun, heat reduction and the cooling benefits of the SCF you can cut down on your air conditioning usage and get more mileage out of your tank as well.

Ultrakool wishes to provide you with nothing but the best of services. Please, reach out for a consultation and recommendation to suit your tastes so we can aid you with our facilities.