How to protect your car during a summer heatwave?

Extreme summer heat can take a huge toll on your vehicle and its performance. Cars need protection from the hot weather to ensure that they run optimally and do not end up with cracked leather or vinyl upholstery or interior trim. Sunlight can fade the fabric and even paint over long enough.

As for those traveling inside the car, the elimination or at least minimization of heat is of absolute importance. Extreme heat can put extra stress on your car and, in some instances, impact its optimal performance. Not just the performance of the engine but also the performance of the tires can be hampered consistently. 

Heatwaves are the most common occurrences in summer. Car owners face more breakdowns during summer than at any other time of the year. So, if the weather forecast predicts that a heatwave is due, you must be extra alert and careful with the handling of your car.

We have compiled a list of essential tips that you can do to your vehicle to add a bit more protection, to ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly during the inevitable and he=arsh heat waves the summer season holds in store. 

Life-saving tips to protect your car during a summer heatwave

  • Air conditioning: In summers, staying cool tops the list of priorities. The first thing that you should do is to check and make sure that the air conditioner that has been leveraged into your car is in good working order. If the air conditioner is blowing warmer air than usual, make a point to get it checked and repaired.

    It is imperious that your vehicle has enough refrigerant and that there are no substantial leaks in the system. Be sure to inspect your air conditioning system so you would not be stuck in a heatwave with a broken air conditioning system. 

  • Maintain the coolant: During summers, your car’s engine is already hot, which results in the coolant having to work extra hard to ensure that the car does not overheat. Make sure that the vehicle does not overheat. Be sure that your car’s coolant system is properly checked out and flushed out if necessary.

    Do not open the radiator cap if the vehicle is still heated up. You should be patient and wait at least for a while after the vehicle has stopped before attempting to open the cap. 

  • Making an effort to protect your car from the heat: A lot of car owners do not realize that their car’s upholstery, dashboard, and the steering wheel can start to deteriorate if exposed to too much sunlight and heat on a regular basis.

    There are numerous products that can provide a protective layer to vinyl or leather surfaces. Keeping your vehicle shiny and clean during the summer months will reflect more of the sun’s rays away from your vehicle, while a dirty vehicle will absorb substantial amounts of heat. Adding a coat of wax to your vehicle when you wash it, will also help protect your car’s paintwork from extreme heat. 

  • Park your car in a shade: Along with keeping the interiors coll, it is extremely important to keep the exterior of your car cool. Consider parking your vehicle in a location that can provide a lot of shade, so your vehicle will not be exposed to the sun as much.

    A windshield sunshade should also be used, as it can help reduce the heat in your vehicle. Parking in the shade will not only protect your vehicle from the sun’s rays, but it will also make it more bearable to enter your vehicle on those extremely hot summer days. 

  • Open your car’s windows regularly: Do not leave your children or pets inside a parked car during hot summers. If the windows are closed, the temperature inside the car may rise drastically.

    Your car will start feeling like an over, making it dangerous to those sitting inside the vehicle. If you need to leave the passengers in the vehicle, be sure to open up windows all the way. Such hot conditions can cause severe sunstrokes and can be life-threatening. 

  • Check the battery of your vehicle: It is a misconception that the battery of your car is vulnerable during the cold winter months. However, your car’s battery needs help during the hot summer months as well. Heat and vibrations are detrimental to your vehicle’s battery.

    There is not much you can do about the heat but you can minimize or eliminate vibrations by securely tightening the battery under the hood of your vehicle. It is also important to get your battery checked every once in a while even if you think it is fine in condition. 

  • Keep a check on the tires: If you are driving with tires that are under-inflated, there is a greater chance of them getting damaged. During the summer months, this is typically caused by extreme temperatures causing the pressure of the tires to rise which can lead to overheating, affecting the braking, handling, and fuel efficiency of your car.
  • Use a sunshade: It is a good idea to keep a windshield shade on hand for times when you cannot avoid parking in the sun. Windshield shades not only keep the interior of your car cool, but they help prevent the damaging effects of sunlight on your car’s interiors. If you let your car turn into an oven in the sun, you could end up with an unpresentable, dried-out, cracked dashboard.
  • Detailing: Using detailing products on your dash for protection and to minimize is a great way to ensure minimal damage. You should get your car detailed every once in a while. Make a professional detailer do it. This way, your car will stay in a good shape throughout the year. 

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