Everything You Know About Ceramic Coating

When you purchase a car, you want your vehicle to look new forever, and to make it look new, you make efforts on a regular basis like a new coat of wax every few months. But apart from your continuous efforts to keep the car new, there are few things that you cannot prevent like chips, dirt, spots that start to make a place for themselves. People find it similar to powder coating that protects property and machinery from rust and bad weather.

Well, there’s something that could change this portrayal; a coat that protects the car from natural hazards as well as easier car washing. Well, there’s something that can last forever with aq car and protect it from unwanted chaos,

“Ceramic coating” is quite a known term, especially for those who have a keen interest in cars. The ceramic coating consists of a liquid polymer that forms a chemical bond with the top layer of the car. Once the ceramic coating is done it can only be removed by abrasion and no other chemical can remove it. Also, if the ceramic coating is done properly then it can stay with the car forever.

The ceramic coating does not have any side effects on the original paint. Moreover, it ensures the protection of the car’s surface and prevents it from unwanted scratches, dirt, etc.

What Does A Ceramic Coating Do?

In layman’s language, Ceramic coating adds a protection layer to your car’s topcoat and keeps it look like-new as compared to the regular one. Ceramic helps to keep the vehicle clean and resilient.

What are the advantages of the ceramic pro?

1) Protects from Ultraviolet Harm- If a vehicle comes in direct contact with the heat, the paint will start getting oxidized and will make the paint go fade and dull. The ceramic coating ensures that the paint is protected from UV rays and decreases the amount of oxidization.

2) Prevents Chemical stains- Another major harm to your car is chemical staining from natural acidic impurity. As ceramic is chemical resistant, it will keep the acidic impurity away from the car’s surface.

3) Easy cleaning- This is one of the most important advantages of ceramic coating as it gives a huge relief in cleaning the vehicle. The hydrophobic feature of ceramic coating repels water, which means when the water has a ceramic coating on it the water will bead and slide off the layer with less effort.

4) Adds gloss- If you want your car to be glossy, then you must go for a ceramic coating to your car. A ceramic coating makes the surface reflect in the finest way.

Myths of Ceramic coating:

1) Eliminates Water Spots: Normal water contains some amount of dirt/mineral in it. The evaporation of water droplets may leave some clear and visible spots on the surface. People presume that the hydrophobic quality might eliminate the water spots, well, this might be true as some water will be repulsed because of the hydrophobic property but other water droplets will bead and make a water spot on the vehicle.

2) Prevents scratches: Some people think that ceramic coating repels scratches. Well, that is not true. The ceramic coating repels some scratches but it does not make your vehicle completely scratch-proof. Ceramic coating is not a replacement for serious scratches.

3) No need to wash- if a car is on road then it definitely needs maintenance from time to time. Ceramic makes your car look new forever but still, your car needs to get cleaned at regular intervals. The ceramic will make the cleaning process much easier. You won’t need wax on your vehicle after installing ceramic on your car.

So, we hope now you have enough knowledge about Ceramic Coating. Our in-house experts can give you more insights and if you want to get your car done with ceramic coating, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help you.