Cleaning the windshield of your car is an important feature when you go for a car wash, ceramic coating, car detailing or any other service. Rather, it is probably one of the first things you start to notice when you think your car is in need of a thorough wash.

Ridding your windshields of your car from the dirt and dust that has collected on it will not only improve your visibility but also provide for a safe drive during both day and night commutes.

Removing those annoying streaks and residue will no longer be a problem when you follow a proven method of car window cleaning. We have provided you with the best car window cleaning tips and tricks to clean your glass without leaving any residue or streaks behind.

Determine What Works Best For YouThere are many window cleaning hacks that can be found online such as the once popular newspaper and water hack which many people approved as a cost-efficient and environment friendly way of cleaning glass. 

But this comes down to a few variables,such as the harsh surface of newspapers and the different ink solutions used in them. As such, it is not a sure shot method of cleaning your car and there is no guarantee of whether it will leave streaks and residues or not. 

Modern advancements have provided us with much better car cleaning supplies. But the next question that arises is- which car cleaner should I use?

Just look at the label and check the ingredients used section. If it contains ammonia then it is not a preferred cleaner since it is not tint compatible and can cause damages to a tinted window and leave streaks behind.

You need to be aware of the following types of supplies in choosing which cleaner works best.

Types of glass cleaners:

Spray-on Glass Cleaners- They are ammonia free and are generally tint safe. It sprays on like water and you can smoothly wipe it off without leaving any stains behind.

Foaming Glass Cleaners- These contain ammonia. They are not tint safe and can cause some damage to your windows if they are tinted. They are usually marketed as spotless window cleaners so you can still opt for them if your windows are not tinted.

Types of towels:

Waffle weave towels- These towels have a waffle stitch pattern for a streak free finish. They are low absorbent and and work best with a moderate amount of cleaning solution. Lightly spray your windows with cleaners and wipe it off with this towel for best results and finishing touches.

Glass microfibre towels- It is a very thin and soft microfibre towel that you use in the second or final step in you glass cleaning process. It’s very design is aimed to remove dust and debris from your glasses and windows.

Ideally, you should be using both the towels. First, wipe down the dust and gunk then clean your window with some light sprays of cleaner and a swipe of waffle towels.

Window Cleaning Techniques- Just because you have the necessary supplies at hand doesn’t clear you of the risk of streaking or staining your windows still. You need to have some technique in this skill as well.

Don’t drench your towels in cleaning solution. A light amount of cleaner does the job perfectly. The lesser cleaner you use, the better.

The towels are already designed to clean and buff out the annoying streaks and stains. So don’t put too much pressure when you use them or you might still run a risk of streaking.

Avoid washing or cleaning your car under direct sunlight. The sunlight heats up your car causing the solution to prematurely dry up and leave streaks and stains behind. Make sure that the surface of your car is cool or park it under some shade for a while before you start cleaning.

Lift up your front and rear window wipers to get the residual water out from your wiper blades and windshield. This will prevent and water spots from forming.

Opt For Ceramic Coating- You have now cleaned your car and you wish it to stay stainless and streakless or you want to maintain the condition of your newly purchased car and protect it from scratches and stains. Applying a layer of ceramic coating over your car ensures that your car stays protected and stainless. 

The high-end polymer in liquid form, bonds with your car’s paint forming a protective hydrophobic and smooth surface over it.

The protecting coating repels water and dirt such that even in the occasion of a dust storm or rain, the rain and dirt will just be settled on the surface and you can simply wipe it off.

The chemical resistance also provides for protection from any accidents of acid spills and possible corrosion.

This one-time investment comes with a lifetime warranty of protection with an added lustrous finish.


Car window cleaning is definitely not as complex as the other service, but it has certain steps and requirements of its own that should be followed through for the ultimate finish. Opting for an application of ceramic coating is quite the guaranteed method of protecting your car from pesky streaks and stains. And our team of experts at UltraKool will be glad to help you with the same. Our 9H Ceramic Coating and other services will the ultimate treat for your lovely car. Reach out to us or call us today to employ some of the best car services you get to experience.