Car paint restoration
tips for beginners

Paintwork is of utmost importance to elevate the appearance of any car. Minor as well as major scratches can make the car look old and unappealing. An important component of car detailing is claying, paintwork, and polishing. Claying removes the contaminants and scratches from the outer surface of the car.

 After these irregularities are removed, the surface becomes smooth and even. This is when a protective paint layer is applied to the exteriors. After paintwork, the car is polished and sealed using a sealant. Polishing makes the car appear glossy and new. Car detailing is a wonderful way to make your car appear as new as the day it was bought from the showroom

What can be done to restore and safeguard the car’s paintwork?

There are numerous ways to safeguard the paintwork of your car. The most common causes of damage to the car’s paintwork are weather conditions such as hailstorms, heavy rain, and so on. Stone chips are also extremely common paintwork damaging elements.

If you are someone who drives long distances, or even short distances regularly, your car is bound to have scratches. Scratches and cracks in the paintwork are inevitable if you use your car regularly. To avoid damage to the paintwork, installing a paint protection film is the most efficient way.

The function of the paint protection film can be compared to that of a mobile screen guard. Mobile screen guard serves the purpose of protecting the original screen from breakage, cracks, and so on. Mobile screen guard and paint protection film are different in magnitude but serve the same purpose.

What is a paint protection film?

Paint protection film helps safeguard a car’s paint layer from weather conditions, stone chips, and key scratches. This is achieved with the help of an invisible layer of plastic. This plastic acts as a shield and protects the car’s exteriors from scratches, hair cracks, and unclean sponge marks.

Why should you get a paint protection film installed?

 The entire car detailing service can be costly and not budget-friendly and you cannot take your car for detailing after every drive. Paint protection film protects the paintwork of your car from scratches, stone chips, bug splatters, and so on.

This option is practical, cost-effective, and economical. You can go on long drives and road trips without having to worry about coming back with scratches.

Instead of subjecting your car to a complete detailing service, you can just focus on restoring its paintwork by getting a paint protection film installed.

What are the other ways to restore/retain the paintwork of your car?  

In the last few years, ceramic coating has taken the world by storm. It is primarily composed of silica and titanium dioxide. Silica and titanium dioxide form a covalent bond. We know, covalent bonds are hydrophobic/water-repelling in nature. This coat forms a nono-ceramic armor above the vehicle’s paintwork.

Ceramic coating is typically applied as a liquid polymer and once it dries, it forms a protective layer on your car’s surface. These nano-armors are highly concentrated and use nanotechnology to fill the minor scratches and irregularities and form a thin but rigid protective layer on the paintwork of the car.

Types of ceramic coating for paintwork restoration:

Ceramic coating is primarily done in three ways. Two of these ways can be executed by the user easily. You can consider ceramic coating your car as it is an effective way to retain the paintwork of your car without investing in expensive complete auto-detailing. Read on:

  1. Spray coating and waxes: This can be done by the user. It is hydrophobic, provides a good layer of protection. It is user-friendly and extremely easy to apply. It is popular for its ease of use and smooth execution.
  2. Ceramic coating kits: This too, can be done by the user. This provides an actual ceramic coating to the car. It creates a protective coat over the car’s paintwork. It is better than spray coating. This provides a sturdy layer to your car’s paintwork, unlike spray coating.
  3. Professional ceramic coating: This is done by professional car detailers and is the best kind of ceramic coating. Because it is done by experienced professionals, it can last really long. It will make your car appear new for the years to come. It is extremely reliable and durable. These things, when done by professionals, can last really long.

Other ways to restore/retain the paintwork of your car:

There are other inexpensive and effective ways that can be incorporated to restore/retain the paintwork of your car. This is how you can begin the car paint restoration process:

  • Wash your car regularly: Start by washing your car regularly. It is important to note that regularly does not mean daily. Daily intensive washing can wipe off your car’s paintwork. You can start with getting rid of all the debris that has been deposited on your car’s exteriors.

 Mild liquid washes are ideal for this purpose. Avoid using strong washing equipment as it can damage the paintwork of your car. Foam washes are gentle on the paintwork and effective at the same time.

  • Use safe washing methods: Avoid washing your car rigorously. Let us go through some of the things you can incorporate into your regular car wash routine: Use of snow foam before coming in contact with the paint, practicing the two bucket method, using good quality microfiber wash mitt, using grit guards whenever needed, using a detailing towel or a blower while drying the car, and avoiding automated car washes.
  • Automated car washes: Sometimes, manual car washing is not sufficient to clean a dirty car. Once in a while, send your car for automated washing. This ensures that your vehicle is deep cleansed.

Professional detailing, ceramic coating, and installation of the paint protection film is a fail-proof way to ensure that your vehicle continues to look new and glossy. Ultrakool provides the best-detailing service to its customers. Their technicians are experienced, reliable, and customer-friendly. Make sure to visit them to avail of their fantastic detailing service.