Car Cleaning hacks that every DIY detailer should know

If you are a car owner, you are not a stranger to the constant urge of maintaining your car to make it appear as new as the day it left the showroom. Driving a car is fun, everything seems bright and sunny till you assess the condition of your car at the end of the day. Getting your car dirty is inevitable.

It is a losing game. But what is in your hand, is to maintain it regularly and keep it in the best possible shape. Car detailing is a failproof way of making your car appear new, always. 

Learning how to detail your car to a professional standard is not just a matter of vanity, it is a smart way to maintain your car’s value, and make sure that you retain its value if you are planning on reselling it.

Car detailing is something that needs a considerable amount of patience but once done, you will see the magic for yourself. This exclusive guide will definitely help you detail your car like a professional auto detailer. Read on and elate the value of your vehicle with these simple detailing hacks. 

What is car detailing? 

Detailing is a labor-intensive process that elevates the performance and appearance of the car. Detailing is more than just a car wash. It is a process that keeps your vehicle in the best possible condition.

It is important to note that, detailing is purely cosmetic and not mechanical. It is important to note that, detailing is purely cosmetic and not mechanical. Servicing fixes internal malfunctions of a car. But, along with fixing the internal issues, it is of utmost necessity to keep the car in a good shape and maintain it from the outside. Car detailing is one such technique. Car detailing is the craft of cleaning and retaining a vehicle to just-bought condition.

How to detail your car like a professional? 


  • Dry the glass surfaces in two directions: When cleaning and drying your car’s windows, you are certainly going to come across annoying streaks on either the outside or the inside of the glass.

    Make it a habit to clean the glass surfaces in your car from both sides. The cleaning should be done in both vertical as well as horizontal motions. By making an effort to dry the glass this way, you will know whether the streak is on the outside or inside of the car by the direction it is facing. Do not clean only one side of the glass surfaces.

  • Do not forget to clean just the top of the windows: To avoid unwanted smears, wind down the windows to clean the topmost portion of the glass. Excess deposition of the product can build up in the jamb of the window and could even result in streaking, dripping, and other undesirable marks.

    By winding the windows down a couple of inches, you can make sure that every inch of the car receives a professional clean, so that all the dirt, debris, and excess product is eliminated. 

  • Shampoo every fifteen days: To keep the paintwork of the car in a top-notch condition, give it a wash every fifteen days. It will not only remove dirt and debris but also help reduce unwanted abrasion and prevent the onset of rust. Washing the car regularly will not remove the protective coating from its paintwork, remove this from your mind.

    Just make sure that you are washing your car gently, using chemicals that are gentle to the car’s paintwork. Do not rub till the car’s interiors get scratched. Using the wrong products such as washing up liquid will definitely damage the paint. Washing it regularly but never waxing it will leave it exposed to all kinds of damage. You could make use of shampoos that have very little chemical content. 

  • Do not remove swirl marks with wax. Remove them with polish: Swirl marks are fine scratches or etchings that appear on the surface of your car’s paintwork and can be caused by using the wrong kind of cloth or sponge or using one that is dirty. Covering the car with wax will not remove the marks. The best way to remove swirl marks is with a good quality car polish.
  • Use clean sponges: Rinse your sponge regularly during the cleaning. To reduce the risk of swirl marks in the future, make sure you rinse your sponge or the microfiber cloth that you are using regularly during washing, preferably in a separate bucket.

    Dirt particles on the sponge can easily cause damage to the paint, so try to get the sponge or cloth as clean as possible before bringing it back to the paintwork. 

  • Consider investing in a dual-action polisher: Polishing is one of the most important jobs when it comes to professionally detailing your car, so it pays to invest in the right equipment to get the best possible results.

    It is recommended that you invest in a dual-action polisher, which will skillfully handle any polishing job. It is perfect to even out areas of abrasion, and remove layers of old wax, these motorized polishers will ensure your car always has a smooth and shiny finish.

  • Use compressed air to deodorize your vents: If your car no longer has that new car scent and you have experimented with numerous air freshening products in vain, use a can of compressed air to give the vents a quick blast. Dust, dirt, and moisture can get deposited inside the air vents, causing stale odors to circulate through the car whenever they are in use. Compressed air will get rid of it all and eliminate the undesirable odor.
  • Invest in good quality car cleaning products and equipment: When it comes to maintaining your car, it is necessary to have the right tools, products, and equipment. Do not use cheap products on your car if you want the best results. 

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