4 Ways to keep your car looking brand new

There are numerous benefits of owning a car. It is the most convenient and comfortable way of commutation. The mileage they offer is better than most two-wheelers. They can be taken on long-route journeys with ease. Because of their ease of use and high traveling capacities, they are prevalent all over the world. With constant urbanization, cities are growing drastically in size.

This results in an increase in the population density per square foot. Densely populated cities have issues relating to public transportation.  Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to board the bus on a busy morning. It wastes time. Owning a car can work wonders to eliminate such undesirable situations.

What is car servicing?  

People who drive cars on a daily basis must regularly take their cars for servicing. Cars are valuable assets but they need regular maintenance. A car service is like a routine health check-up for a car. All the parts of the car are assessed by specialized technicians for bugs and subsequently fixed by them. If you regularly send your car for servicing, it contributes to increasing the life of your car. If you regularly service your car, you would not feel the need to get a new car for a reasonable number of years.

Servicing is done to eliminate the malfunctions that lie beneath the exteriors of the car. The engine, suspension, grille, and so on are checked and repaired during servicing.

Why is regular servicing important?

Servicing should not be taken lightly. It greatly helps in keeping the car in a good condition. Let us see why regular servicing is important: 

  • Ensures the safety of the owner: Regular servicing eliminates all the issues prevailing in the system of the car. This can drastically eliminate the chances of potential malfunctions and breakdowns.
  • Improves the performance of the car: Regular servicing can do wonders in improving the performance of a car. It ensures the smooth functioning of the car.
  • It keeps the components safe: All the aspects of the car are checked during servicing. These frequent check-ups ensure that all the parts of the car remain in good shape.
  • Fuel efficiency: A faulty car wastes a lot of fuel. Regular servicing is necessary to save every drop of fuel. It increases the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.
  • Increases the value of the car: A car that is in a good shape can earn you profits after reselling. If you are planning to resell your car, it is necessary for it to be in a good condition, to earn profit.
  • It contributes to keeping the environment clean: If a car is not serviced for a long time, it can emit dangerous fumes that are not environment friendly. To avoid this, the suspensor and grille must be checked and the filter must be replaced whenever needed.
  • It ensures that the car functions as well as the day it was bought from the showroom.

But, is servicing enough to keep the car looking brand new? NO. Along with servicing, Car detailing is also extremely important.

What is car detailing?

Servicing is for what lies beneath the exteriors. But, detailing is for the exteriors of the car. Servicing is not enough for keeping your car looking brand new, it is of utmost necessity to keep the car in a good shape and maintain it from the outside as well. Car detailing is one such technique. Car detailing is the craft of cleaning and retaining a vehicle to just-bought condition. It is important to note that, car detailing is more than just a car wash. It involves a lot of intricate steps. Car detailing involves both the interiors and the exteriors of cars. It can be called ‘car grooming’, in simple terms.

Car detailing contributes greatly to keeping a car in a just-bought condition. It is primarily of two types:

Exterior detailing:

  • Car wash and dry: The first step is washing the car extensively and using special products in doing so. It is made sure that the paint coat retains and is not wiped out after this labor-intensive process.
  • Paint claying: This process helps in removing the residue and unwanted particles left on the car after the car wash. It cleans the surface and makes it smooth and even.
  • Polishing: This process removes all the scratches present on the car.
  • Sealing: A protective layer is added to the car’s paint. This makes the exterior appear glossy and new.

Interior detailing:

  • Vacuum cleaning: The interiors of the car are vacuumed rigorously.
  • Scrubbing: It is done to remove the stains present on the mats and seat covers.
  • Steaming: steam cleaning helps remove tough stains.
  • Glass cleaning: The windshield and windows are cleaned in this process.
  • Leather cleaning: The leather present inside the car is cleaned by this process.
  • Perfuming: This eliminates any foul smell present in the car. This makes the car smell fresh and new.

Along with servicing and detailing, there are many ways to keep your car looking brand new. To know more about these ways, Keep reading:

4 Ways to keep your car looking brand new:

  1. A good car wash: A thorough wash on a regular basis can do wonders to elevate the appearance of your car. After servicing and detailing, one should not neglect the cleanliness of his car. Regular washes are important to remove the contaminants that get settled on the car’s surface. Make sure to use mild shampoos and washes so that it does not wipe the paintwork off your car.
  2. Ceramic coating: Ceramic coating is the hottest trend in the market, currently. It is primarily composed of silica and titanium dioxide. Silica and titanium dioxide form a covalent bond. We know, covalent bonds are hydrophobic/water-repelling in nature. This coat forms a nono-ceramic armor above the vehicle’s paintwork. Ceramic coating is typically applied as a liquid polymer and once it dries, it forms a protective layer on your car’s surface. These nano-armors are highly concentrated and use nanotechnology to fill the minor scratches and irregularities and form a thin but rigid protective layer on the paintwork of the car. Ceramic coating is a failproof way of making your car appear as new as it was the day it left the showroom.
  3. Installing a paint-protection film: Paint protection film is the most practical option for people who drive on a regular basis. The entire detailing service can be costly and not budget-friendly and you cannot take your car for detailing after every drive. Paint protection film protects the paintwork of your car from scratches, stone chips, bug splatters, and so on. This option is practical, cost-effective, and economical. You can go on long drives and road trips without having to worry about coming back with scratches.
  4. Automated car washes: Do not hand wash your car all the time. Once in a while, send your car for automated washing. This ensures that your vehicle is deep cleaned.

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