Most Common damages from car accidents and how to fix them

It’s a fact that accidents do occur. And if they do, you might have to deal with both potential changes in your insurance rate and possibly car repairs and injuries. Driving safely can help keep you and your family safe and your premium in hand. 

Due to someone’s carelessness, most accidents take place. When this happens the irresponsible driver is held accountable for paying for the damages of the injured party. According to most laws, not only physical damages or injuries but damages that happened as a result of the incident itself also should be covered. 

Furthermore, the level of the damages that can be collected is determined by the circumstances and facts of your case. Therefore, you must be able to fully clarify all of your issues in court with the help of a lawyer. 

To cast some light on the situation, the following are some of the most common car damages from car accidents that can be recovered:



Some of the most obvious damages you may be able to collect includes your medical costs. These would vary depending on how severe your wounds were; some are very minor while others are more severe. 

Usually, medical costs would consist of:

  • Treatment for your injuries at home.
  • Either cognitive or physical therapy.
  • Lifelong disability.
  • Expert medical advice sessions.
  • Medical equipment, such as crutches or an arm sling, is required during therapy.


You experience a loss in income because of the wages you were not able to earn while you were recovering from your accident. Normally, your income capacity has dropped because you lost your work while you were recovering. You might have missed a few days of work or more while you were trying to get better.

For these revenue losses, you can also file a claim for damages. This is calculated using the number of days you were unable to report for work along with your existing salary rate. If you have a lifelong disability that prevents you from returning to work, you can file a claim in court with the assistance of your Car attorney or a personal injury lawyer. 


It refers to the physical and emotional trauma you went through after the accident. In this the following things are possible:

  • General lack of enjoyment in life.
  • The intensity of the suffering.
  • Due to the accident, there may be psychological or emotional harm.
  • Prediction for the pain in the future that will occur from the injuries.

It’s reliable to put it in the hands of a reliable attorney since these are the issues that cannot be simply determined through a monetary value. 


Consortium Loss happens when an accident prevents the injured party from enjoying his spouse’s company and relationship. In this case, the spouse has the right to legally claim changes. However, there is a limitation to this claim: the wounded spouse must have already received compensation for their physical harm. Without this consideration, the claiming spouse is ineligible to receive compensation for their loss of consortium or companionship, which is a crucial need along this line. 

In case the injured person dies then the surviving family members of the person have a right to claim this form of damage as well. The following conditions will be taken into account during the case:

  1. Overall effects of the deceased party’s death on the surviving family members. 
  2. A pleasant and loving relationship amongst the deceased’s living family members.
  3. The remaining family members can claim the deceased’s living arrangements during his lifetime.


The treatments are the same regardless of the type of damage, from physical issues with your car’s appearance or maintenance of your car to the most severe injuries of all. You will need a lawyer’s assistance in stating your allegations. You don’t want to attempt this alone because you might not understand how to properly value your claims. 

For example, it’s easy to claim the fixed-price items in the listing above, like medical expenses. You can offer receipts from the doctors and hospitals as proof of your claims. However, a lawyer’s help is required when dealing with damages that are not easily measurable, such as trauma and other moral damages. 

So, anytime you are involved in an accident, it is best to call a lawyer right away to rectify all of the damages to which you are eligible. 


Understanding the many types of damages you can pursue after being involved in a car accident is crucial. You can make the most of such an unfortunate event in your life. 

While being in an accident is never something you want to be in, you do have control over the outcome. You can make sure that whatever loss the accident may have caused is fairly compensated for. You can appropriately assess your claims with a lawyer’s assistance, preventing yourself from being even more damaged. After all, you want to receive the entire money you are entitled to. It is necessary for your recovery. And that cannot happen without a lawyer.